Unlock Your Inner Leader

Unlock Your Inner Leader

Whether their passion is the environment, policy, the lab or the archive, Mawrters develop their inner leaders and are making positive impact in their chosen fields.

Internships with Impact

Students expand their horizons while engaging with their communities and building on academic experiences through experiential learning, fieldwork, and volunteering.

A Focus on Civic Engagement

The Career & Civic Engagement Center is Bryn Mawr's hub for professional skills development in communication, reflective practice, conceptual thinking, implementation, connection, cultural competency, and social responsibility.

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Patriciah Ogombe
Patriciah Ogombe '24

I am deeply passionate about positively impacting society and believe in the transformative power of non-profit organizations.

Spotlight: Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies students apply critical thinking and analytical skills within a holistic systems framework that includes social justice as an essential component. Our interdisciplinary program provides opportunities for independent and collaborative research, including co-curricular learning, via local, national and international internships and opportunities to study abroad.